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ITUS is an IoT based One Touch SOS Communication Solution for Enterprise Employees

Safety solutions in a connected world

Employees constantly face the threat of molestation, assault/mugging, terror/attacks or even medical emergencies. Over 700 cases of Sexual Harrasment were filed in 2017 from the IT/ITES sector alone and over 40% of women admitted to being molested during commute. The legacy offline methods to contact office or family/friends during an emergency are often ineffective in such situations. ITUS provides an Employee Safety Net for Enterprises. Customized for specific company policies, ITUS can easily be deployed/scaled globally and seamlessly work across devices. Along with direct safety benefits, ITUS also provides productivity benefits with an audit trail of events and response.

One touch SOS with 100% Privacy

ITUS provides a single button interface to trigger an SOS signal - making access easy at the time of an emergency. ITUS also does NOT track your movement at all times - your location co-ordinates are only shared at the time of the SOS alert.

Enterprise Notification Dashboard

An important part of the ITUS Employee Safety Solution is the Seurity Operations Center Dashboard - all SOS alerts triggered by employees are notified in real time and event details can be viewed/managed.

Multiple Discreet Form Factors

ITUS comes in various form factors - mainly the ID card and Key Ring. These look like discreet everyday objects and cannot be identified as emergency communication devices by attackers/assailants.

Audit Trails and Records of Events

The ITUS platform records all SOS alert and Safe Home Signal events across the company - each event is linked to a specific employee ITUS device. This ensures a major productivity benefit for companies as there is a paperless, searchable audit trail on record.

Works anywhere in the World

The ITUS solution is built on fundamental communication technology that can be deployed seamlessly across the globe. The basic dependency is a working mobile network - not even data/internet - something which is available in most parts of the world.

Economical and Low Maintenance

ITUS is a very economical and requires little upkeep. No upfront costs and an aggressively priced subscription model protects investments. ITUS works on Bluetooth LE and does not require any recharging - the battery life is over 2 years.

Student Safety Solution

An intuitive solution for school student safety, emergency response management and productivity.

Asset/Workforce Management

An intuitively designed solution for effective asset/workforce tracking, management and productivity.

Fleet/Vehicle Mangement

An effective solution for fleet management  - cabs, commercial vehicles, or transport vehicles.

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SafeInCity technology provides significant safety and productivity advantages to some of the most successful companies as well as startups and institutions. Our customers love our solutions and our iterative approach to the safety-tech space. Think SafeInCity can help your company or institution? Talk to us if you think we can work together or if you're interested in joining the ranks of our happy customers!

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