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When I returned back to India after a 10 year stint in Europe, little did I know how unsafe India had become despite its progress and global stature? Incidents like Nirbhaya in Delhi and in various schools across the country shook us to the core. It made parents like us extremely nervous about the safety of our most prized asset – Our Children !

Such horrifying incidents have significant long lasting negative effects not just on the families but the society and the nation as a whole.

With a 20 year career span working with some of the largest tech companies across the globe, it was time to put all that learning for a cause that impacts every one of us. After 6 months of research and testing on available technologies,I could finally customize and built a solution that suits our Indian schools and families. Despite the crudeness of the prototype, almost everybody I spoke to wanted to buy one for their child, wife, sister or a family member and thus Safe-In-City was born !

I founded the company with ONE objective only, provide the best safety shield around our families at a very affordable cost !

We have made every effort possible to make the solution user-friendly.The device comes fully configured, leaving you with no worries of reading a big fat instruction manual. The service also includes a one year replacement warranty** and every aspect of the service has been thought through for those busy families.

The best part is the affordability; the service will costs less than 3 cups of coffee per month !

Its about time we stand together against such crimes and made our cities Safer !

We are looking for people with passion in Safety & Safety technology to join us at various capacities.

** Please read warranty clause in our Terms & Conditions section.

The People @ SafeInCity



Founder and CEO


Founder and CEO

Tech veteran, avid traveler and gadget geek