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GPS or Global Positioning System was developed by US military in 1973. The system uses an array of navigation satellites to navigate around the world to find the location by triangulation methods.

Recently India has launched it own navigation satellite IRNSS-1C which is the third satellite of seven needed for our own Satellite based navigation system.

SafeInCity trackers have buil-instate-of-art GPS chipsthat can work in all-weather conditions for a fast GPS lock. The trackers communicate its exact location to SafeInCIty cloud hosted servers using the built in GSM/GPRS ( mobile data) module as shown in the picture below. The location of each device can then be seen on an internet enabled PC, Smartphone or even via SMS. Each person or child carrying the SafeInCity tracker can be tracked anywhere acrossIndia.

We at SafeInCity pre-configure the device before shipping so its ready for use out of the box.

All you need to do is to provide us with the SOS mobile numbers at the time of ordering the devices.

For Angel-ID we also request you to provide your child’s school address so we can confgure the Safe-Zone. Configuration of Safe-Zone will notify you every time your child enters and leaves the school and home providing you total peace of mind.

The SafeInCity Angel-ID is custom designed to enable two key objectives, peace of mind for parents with un-interrupted classroom experience.

The device is designed such that it does not interfere with the child’s classroom activities in any way. There is no ringer to distract the teachers or fellow students.

Yet, Angel-ID provides complete peace of mind for the parents by enabling them to listen to the child’s sorrounding thereby ensuring the child’s safety.

SafeInCity is also launching a new feature whereby the sorrounding sounds would be automatically recorded for the parents to listen at their convenience at a later time.

One of the most popular features of SafeInCity trackers is creation of Safe-Zone. Authorised userscan create unlimited the Safe-Zone on your computerand configure the server to SMS/email you each time the device enter/exits the Safe-Zone.

For eg, you create a Safe-Zone called school for your Angel-ID device and add the service to notify as and when your child reaches school and leaves the school. The server will automatically notify you when your child enters and leaves the school.

You can even set the Safe-Zone to work only during school days for eg. Mon-Fri. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

The loudness of the panic alarm in SafeInCity Marvel tracker is 80dB which has been tested and found to be effective in crowded places.

Additionally, SafeInCity is also conducting campaigns to raise awarenes among the general public by making them recognise the unique sound of the panic alarm.

We are hoping that this unique sound can be popularised and standardised across all personal safety products to make it recognisable just the sound of an Ambulance Hooter. We request you to share and like the SafeInCity facebook video which talks about this unique sound.

Yes, all SafeInCity products are designed and configured to work anywhere in India and abroad*.

If you would like to carry it abroad on a holiday, please get in touch with us and we can configure the device to work abroad at a small charge.

We would also encourage you to carry the trackers with you on your holidays for your own and your family’s safety.

The charge on the devices usually last between 1-4days depending on their configuration. Remember, this is a safety device and its sole aim isto safeguard your child and your family.

It cannot work without charge, so we strongly recommend you to charge the devices every night to ensure that it is ready to useevery time some onesteps out of the house.

SafeInCity trackers come with a standard 12 Months replacement warranty for total pecae of mind. Of course some exclusions apply to avoid deliberate damage. Please refer to the warranty section for more details.

You can simply renew the service for thefollowing year and enjoycontinued uninterrupted service.Please refer to for renewal packages. We would also recommend to opt for 24 months or 36 months service which will ensure un-interrupted security for your loved ones.

Yes, of course. You can purchase 24 months and 36 months warranty at

We would love to help. Please give us a call of drop a line at [email protected] and we would work out a very attractive package for you.

Yes, we can customise the devices for bulk orders which includes device and packaging branding.

We are constantly trying to enhance the service. We can arrange for Police and Ambulance on request. This service is currently available only in Bangalore.

We at SafeInCity take privacy very seriously.

The company was founded to ensure safety of our loved ones and we would do everything in our control to keep your details secure.

For eg, only authorised numbers are allowed to request location via SMS and web access is secured by passwords which can only be changed again by authorised persons only.

There are three ways you can share your location details : a) Only on SOS. b) Via SOS and SMS ( available to authorised numbers only) c) Via SOS, SMS and Live Tracking (available only to authorised users).

For eg, you may not want to be tracked but would still like to inform you family in case of emergency. In that case, only add your family’s numbers to the SOS list. If you dont mind being tracked, then you can choose to share the username/password with your family members for live tracking and their peace of mind.

Your data is stored in secure encrypted location protected by 3 layers of security.

No, only authorized people can track your location. For eg, only authorized numbers are allowed to request location via SMS and web access is secured by passwords which can only be changed again by authorized persons only.

There are three ways you can share your location details : a) Only on SOS.

b) Via SOS and SMS (available to authorized numbers only)

c) Via SOS, SMS and Live Tracking (available only to authorized accounts)

You can provide upto 3 SOS Mobile numbers. Please note that these numbers must bemobile phone numbers in India.

The SafeInCity tracking platform is hosted on Amazon Web Service which is renowned for its reliability, availability and security.

Yes, the SafeInCity tracking platform supports automatic report generation which can be sent to your email address.

We would love to answer your question. Please contact us by submitting a form on the contact-us page, or drop as an email via [email protected] !

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